Entrepreneurial Food & Farm Consultant

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Contract

At Kitchen Table Consultants (KTC) our goal is simple – to help passionate farmers and food artisans build lasting, profitable, locally-focused businesses. We accomplish this by working alongside our clients. No stuffy business plans that get thrown on the shelf, never to be looked at again. We have real-world experience and bring that to our work every day. We have walked a mile in your shoes and understand first-hand the challenges facing small businesses. We are results oriented, and our work is about actionable steps to make your business or nonprofit stronger and more profitable.


This is a unique, entrepreneurial opportunity.  Are you an entrepreneur that has something to share with other business owner?  Do folks often ask you for advice?  Are you a solo consultant that is looking for a collaborative, supportive team and operational support, while maintaining your independence?

We need someone with the same set of values to join our team.  We don’t want someone just like us, but we do need you to have many of the following:


Characteristics & Experiences:


  • Passion for small business and or Non-profit organizations (again, small).

  • You need to have had at least 5 jobs (more is preferable) and/or multiple businesses.

  • You should have had/have your own business, or at the very least, be intent upon having your own business in the near future. (guess what, we want to support that, too) Or have had a leadership role running someone else’s business and know what it is like to hire, fire and have felt the pain and fear of not making payroll.

  • You have to have failed, pretty big, and you have to have learned from that failure and be able to share it.

  • You may have been fired, maybe more than once.

  • You want to share your knowledge, experiences and expertise, to make sure others can learn from your mistakes.

  • You understand the fine line between passion and emotion

  • You know what will wake you up at night and you can explain that to a client.

  • You probably “know it all”, but also can admit when you are wrong, quickly and without protecting your own ego/stature/reputation.


We are also looking for the following: (and if you have them all, then you should start your own firm…)




  • Numbers: Excel, Quickbooks, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Forecasting, Budgeting, Cash Flow

  • Marketing:  Branding, community connecting, social media, strategy, networking,

  • People skills: You have to be patient, but at the same time, hold your clients accountable and know when to answer their questions vs question their answers.  You need to have compassion, but also hold their feet to the fire and you need to know when to fire  yourself.

  • Organizational: You can work by yourself, but also enjoy having an intense conversation.  You can have an ego, but you need to know you do.  You will have to have a thick skin and a quick wit, as we all don’t take ourselves too seriously.

  • Technology:  You need to know and own a highly functioning computer and smartphone. Word, Excel, Google Docs &  Email proficiency are going to make or break you.  A calendar in the cloud will keep us all connected.  If any of this is foreign or scares you, let us know before we go too far, please.


What you get from us:


  • Humor

  • Egos

  • Business cards

  • Integrity, and a real drive to help leaders be successful

  • A typical new business with bumps in the road, evolving systems, stuff we have not figured out yet

  • Tools of the trade: Forms, processes, SOP’s, built in provider/supplier relationships

  • Marketing: Website, existing growth, meaningful relationships in the community

  • Proven History-successfully worked with over 100 clients since 2008

  • Financial stability

  • Desire to create a national consulting firm

  • A shoulder to lean on 24x7, period.  We’ve been there and done it (and screwed it up, too, but have learned from our mistakes and will share freely)

  • Flexibility: Run your client base like it is your own business with meaningful support


Compensation and Benefits:  


This is a 1099 position. We will pay you a significant amount of the fees you earn and will pay referral fees for clients you bring in for others on our team.  Don’t kid yourself, this is entrepreneurial…., but we also provide a financial backstop--we pay immediately, don’t stretch your cashflow and even provide advances against future work when you need them.